About United Tractor Trailer School, Inc.

About United

Thank you for your interest in United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., where the right training will make the difference.

United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., was founded by Paul Wanat in May 1995. Our philosophy is that our students are our priority! We provide a safe and up-to-date programs for those who seek a career in the professional truck driving industry. Our reputation for excellent practical training has made us a leader in our field. We offer our students a highly motivated, positive, hands on atmosphere. Our dedicated instructors have the experience and the knowledge to teach the skills necessary to enter the rapidly growing industry of trucking.

We provide up-to-date programs for those seeking a professional trucking career!


United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., and our instructors are licensed by the  Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Office of Private Occupational School Education.  As well as the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Studies have shown that hands on training is the strongest learning tool available. We keep our students motivated by getting them into the trucks the first day. We not only teach them how to handle the equipment, we also help them to gain the skills necessary to enter the rapidly growing industry.

About United

In 1999, the government (OSHA) instituted mandatory training in any type of power equipment that is used to load or unload a trailer. Our students become certified in the electric pallet truck operation while attending school. Therefore, United Tractor Trailer School’s students are better prepared and have the necessary skills and confidence needed to succeed in a career as a professional truck driver. For more information on upcoming classes, contact us today!