Where's Your Sense of Adventure?

United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., is a team of dedicated individuals who strive to provide excellent practical training in a highly motivated, hands on atmosphere. It is our goal to provide professional instructors who will help our students to gain the skills necessary to enter the rapidly growing industry of trucking with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

When you are looking for a new career, you want to find one with many opportunities. The Trucking industry is booming! There are four million tractor trailer combinations on the road. More goods are carried by trucks than by air, train or water. In fact, trucks haul three out of every four tons of goods!

The demand for drivers outweighs the availability of qualified applications. Based upon an American Trucking Association Survey, 400,000 new drivers are needed every year and the numbers are increasing annually. You can secure your future as a professional truck driver now, provided that you are properly trained.

At United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., our reputation for excellent practical training has made us a leader in our field. We teach you to drive Class A or B trucks in a highly motivated, positive, hands on atmosphere. Our students are our priority.

United Tractor Trailer School, Inc., offers full-time and part-time classes to better suit your busy schedule. We are centrally located and easy to reach from all of New England. Take advantage of this opportunity now to start a rewarding careeer as a professional truck driver. We want you to succeed! Let our professional instructors help you to gain the skills necessary to enter the rapidly growing trucking industry.

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